Kim Costin
Massage Therapist

Kim graduated from University of Texas with a masters in Mechanical Engineering and a love of structural analysis.  She has always loved looking at how things work.  When her kids came along, Kim decided to focus on them and left engineering behind. 


Fast forward many years, when it was time to get back into the work force, Kim wanted something that was more people oriented, so she brought her love of structures and how things work to how the body is organized.  She became a licensed massage therapist upon graduating from the Center for Natural Wellness in Albany NY  in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.  Kim is also, as of this writing, in her last year of a 7 year program for energy healing.  She has a deep mindfulness practice based approach to massage that, paradoxically, is very relaxing and creates deep effects.  While working, Kim lets the muscles tell her what to do, which determines the pressure…  so it varies! 


Rest assured though, that Kim also makes a commitment to keep you in the neighborhood of intensity that you are comfortable with.