Tara Wheeler

Owner/Master Stylist Level 2/Color Specialist/Paul Mitchell National Educator


    Tara is an experienced and well trained professional hairdresser.  She comes with 15 years of experience as a licensed cosmetologist.  Hair being her number one passion, Tara also enjoys performing services in nails and waxing.  Tara prides herself with her ability to be a well rounded stylist.  She is passionate and especially talented in short haircuts, razor cuts, curly hair, and the art of hair coloring.

    In 2010 Tara moved to San Francisco from her hometown of Venice, Florida in the pursuit of her passion as a hairdresser.  After plenty of amazing experiences and achievements, including educating at two of the Nations top Paul Mitchell Schools, meeting the love of her life, having a beautiful wedding in Berkeley,  and conceiving her first child, Tara moved back to her roots to enjoy her family.  Tara enjoys volunteering her time for a cause, participating in fashion shows, cut-a-thons, FUNraising, and the like.  She is insistent upon continuing her education, as she is a Lifelong Learner.  Tara has attended countless seminars of her trade, as well as in business and motivational speaking, where she has received the tools and knowledge for success.


 She enjoys the fulfillment she receives from sharing this knowledge with her fellow professionals, and future professionals, as well as her guests in the salon.  As a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems, as well as a recent Learning Leader at Paul Mitchell The Schools, Tara celebrates the culture by living, breathing, and applying the tools, systems, and techniques provided.  "I aspire to inspire and be inspired."  ~Tara Wheeler